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5 of New England's Best Mountain Hikes

With only warmer months ahead of us in the Northeast, it's time to dust off the hiking gear and get outdoors! One of the great things about living in the upper right corner of the U.S. is the wide diversity of terrain. New Hampshire alone has tons of mountain ranges just a few hours north of Boston. And if you are looking to make a mini road trip, there are plenty more options for hiking in Vermont and Maine as well!

So you can spend less time planning and more time exploring, we put together a list of 5 mountains that should definitely be added to your hiking list this season! Click on the links below for more info and photos to help you plan your trips!

1.) Welch & Dickey Loop Trail- One of our all-time favorite hikes is Welch & Dickey in White Mountains, New Hampshire. Unlike your typical hikes, this trail takes you to the summit of two mountains; both with fantastic views.

2.) Mount Cardigan- At the peak of Mount Cardigan, you get amazing 360 views from over 3,000 f…

Snorkeling at Baby Beach- San Nicolas, Aruba

Baby Beach is a great day-trip to make if you've rented a car in Aruba. It’s located on the southern tip of the island in San Nicolas.  Baby Beach gets its name from the tranquil cove of water that surrounds the beach being so calm that even young children are safe to swim in it.

The drive down from the hotel area takes around 40 minutes. It’s a fun ride down stopping at the shops in Oranjestad or checking out one of the more local restaurants once you get south of the airport. Directions in Aruba are pretty easy to follow. There are only a few highway-type roads and because it’s a small island, you can usually find the water as a point of reference if you get off-route.

Baby beach definitely has a unique look to it, as the rough ocean flows into a protected, horseshoe shaped cove where everyone swims around.  Because there are only a few hotels nearby, the beach has a local flair. However you’ll see plenty of tourists and guided tours as well. There are also a number of restauran…

Off-roading Adventure at Arikok National Park- Santa Cruz, Aruba

Picture it- You, a jeep wrangler, top down in 80 degree weather and nothing but open road ahead of you. This wasn't just any road trip. Off-roading through Arikok Park is an exhilarating, awe-inspiring journey of a lifetime.  Not to mention 100’s of Instagram-worthy photo opts through a vast array of landscapes.  Mountainous terrain, crashing waves, rolling hills of desert and cactus- Aruba's landscape is even more beautiful in-person than the photos you’ll find in a travel magazine. 

If you are the adventurous type, you’ll want to book a jeep for this excursion a few weeks in advance of your trip.  There are a ton of other thrill-seekers like you, so the jeep rentals book quickly.  There are also quite a few tour bus options if you prefer to just sit back and enjoy ride.  A portion of the terrain is only a 4x4 zone, so if you go with choice A and rent the jeep, make sure you pull the top down,  buckle up and get ready for one hell of a ride!

We started our off-roading adven…

Aruba Resort Area

Overall, Aruba was a fantastic trip we’d recommend to anyone. There was a great variety of activities for people of all ages and the weather, resorts, and beaches were amazing.

Overview Aruba is a fairly small island, about 20 miles from the northern to southern tip and approximately 6 miles wide. The majority of the resorts on the island is located on the west/northwest shore of the island (within a 5 mile stretch); divided into the ‘low rise’ and ‘high rise’ hotel areas. This makes most of resort activities (beaches, restaurants, water sports) very easy to get to. Most of the resorts are confined to one area due to the fact that the west side of the island has very calm water and beautiful beaches, while the east side is rocky with rough waters. It should also be noted that you are by no means confined to your resort/hotel for the whole trip. Aruba is considered one of the safer Caribbean islands with all beaches being public, and depending on your location, there are strips of resta…