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Breckenridge, Colorado- The Lodge at Breckenridge

While we had a great time in Denver, it wasn't long before the allure of the Rocky Mountains had us driving west en route for Breckenridge. The drive itself was a great time as we soaked in the beautiful mountain views. For a stopping off point, we visited Loveland Pass which runs along the Continental Divide and resides at an impressive 11,990 feet above sea level. We were winded just walking up to the sign. After that we stopped at the Dillion reservoir—a little further on the way to Breckenridge. The lake had stunning views of its own and it was interesting to see a lake at such a high of altitude. When we arrived in Breckenridge, it was everything we expected from an iconic ski town, aside from the snow. It had a beautiful main street that with plenty of shops, restaurants, and vendors all overlooking the mountains. We stayed at The Lodge At Breckenridge . It was a beautiful boutique hotel featuring an up-scale mount