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Sterling Falls Gorge- Stowe, Vermont

While Stowe, VT may be more renowned for its skiing, resorts, and restaurants in the winter, we explored a great hidden gem called Sterling Falls Gorge . The gorge defines being off the beaten path. Getting there was a humbling experience as cell service was poor so we screenshotted some step by step instructions online. Finding the gorge ended up being half the fun, as we got to experience a dynamic ride that quickly transitioned from rolling hills to a dense windy forest. After doing a few circles and ending up in the same spot, we finally made it to the gorge. If you prefer to use GPS, just plug in Sterling Gorge Road. The path through the gorge was very well maintained and even had a narrated tour on signs scattered along the trail. The signs explain the history of how gorges form and some of the geology of the rocks and crevices. There was also ecological information on local vegetation that grows around the Sterling Falls Gorge. The hike will take 45 mi

Brooklyn, New York in a Day

This past weekend we decided to make a trip in the opposite direction of the mountains and headed down to New York City to explore the  Brooklyn borough . Being a rainy winter weekend, outdoor activities were pretty much off the table so we decided to explore a few ‘out-of-the-box’ indoor activities. Our first stop was The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club . It featured a Floridian theme, complete with cabanas, flamingo wall paper, bar tenders in tropical attire, and ceiling fans above each of the 10 shuffle board courts. In addition to shuffleboard, there were numerous table games that made for a fun atmosphere, to easily forget it was the middle of winter. Our next stop and highlight of our trip was to Gotham Archery to shoot bow and arrows. Gotham offers the sport of Archery to all different levels of ability, from expert archers to first-timers. If you’re a first-timer at the the range, they offer an hour class that involves a tutorial on safety and how to shoot