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Guest Blogger- Mount Washington- Huntington Ravine Trail, NH

We are very excited to have crossed paths with Patrick Gensel who shares our same thirst for adventure and exploring the east coast as we do!  Pat is an active lifestyle photographer from Northeast Pennsylvania. His wanderlust has taken him throughout North America, Iceland and Norway. When he isn’t hiking, climbing, or taking photos, he can be found tinkering with technology. We are very happy to have him share his hiking adventure at Mount Washington.  Be sure to check out more of his photos and stories on  Adventure Travel Buzz ! If you spend a lot of time in the west, you may not make much time for adventure in the Northeast, but despite the fact that the mountains are smaller, there is still plenty of adventure to be had. One of my favorite New England hikes is New Hampshire’s Mount Washington, via the Huntington Ravine Trail. Be forewarned, this trail is not for the faint of heart, and should only be attempted by experienced hikers when the conditions are dry sinc

Webb Memorial State Park- North Weymouth, MA

While exploring our new town of North Weymouth we were pleasantly surprised to come across a park just minutes from our house.   Webb Memorial State Park can best be described as a small park with big views.  The main loop of the 36 acre park is about a mile long.  However there are many other trails you can take.  Even more exciting- tons of free parking! It is the perfect place for a beach line stroll while catching views of the Boston Skyline and Harbor Islands. We took my family there during their visit from New York and they loved it just as much as we do!  The paved paths make it an easy stroll for all ages or even a scenic run by the water.  The park also welcomes dogs on leashes and allows for fishing. With the park being situated on a peninsula that extends about a half mile into the Hingham bay, you will see plenty of sail boats and kayaks passing by during the nicer months.  There are also benches and picnic tables scattered throughout. Or you could just

Guest Bloggers for Travel the East

One of our favorite parts about  Travel the East  is the opportunity we get to collaborate with fellow hikers and travelers that share our same passion for adventure.  There's no better way of learning about new trails and places to go, then getting the insider's scoop from someone who has been there themselves. So aside from sharing our explorations stretching from New England down the coast, we also would like to share the stories and photos of others that are we've met along our journey with  Travel the East !   If you have any tips on travel bloggers/ photographers, hiking gear companies or anyone with an awesome adventure that would like to share their story on Travel the East, drop us a line- !

The River Walk, Upper Charles River Reservation- Waltham, MA

The Charles River represents the essence of Boston- surrounded by tall buildings and typical city life settings, yet still stands out as one of the most picturesque sceneries in the country. Stretching 80 miles along eastern Massachusetts, the river crosses over Boston/ Cambridge and spills over to the cities situated on the outskirts. Along the river there are tons of bike paths and trails, some lesser known than others.  While visiting our friend in Waltham, she took us to one of these hidden gems.  The River Walk is a beautifully paved trail which is part of the Upper Charles River Reservation. It stretches past the Moody Street Damn and overlooks the city and many historic buildings. Some parts of the walking trail are under canopies of trees which are especially breathtaking in the Fall as the leaves begin to change colors.  The park is also pet friendly, as you'll pass by many people who come here to walk their dogs while taking in the great views along the

Duxbury Beach- Duxbury, MA

Throwing-back to summer with a post dedicated to one of the best beaches in Massachusetts- Duxbury Beach !  This beach itself is six miles long of beautiful views that extends across marshlands with designated preservation areas for birds and small wildlife.  It is open to the general public with a daily parking fee of $15. For the most part the beach is very sandy with great ocean views that go on and on.  Closer to the shoreline you’ll find some rocks but nothing too significant.  One thing to definitely point out are the pesky greenhead horseflies .  You may pass by several comical signs when you enter the park, warning you about the greenheads.  They tend to be quite active on the beach.  Luckily, we happened to go on a windier day.  Apparently they hideout in windy weather so we had no issues at all with the horseflies. On the other hand, the wind presented its own annoyances such as having sand blow in your eyes.  However if you have a creative mind like Matt,

Wessagusset Beach- North Weymouth, MA

Although Summer is already over, we still enjoy going to the beach.  One of our favorite and also most convenient locations is Wessagusset Beach in North Weymouth.  The stone wall of the beach runs along Fort Points Road where you'll find a small cove, with parking as well.   The beach is relative small and very rocky, so you probably won't find yourself walking barefoot in the sand.  However it is the perfect beach to catch some rays, otherwise enjoy the sunset. With Wessagusset Yacht Club  close by, you will always see a few boats out in the water. Snapper Blue The beach is also an attraction for some fisherman with striper and bluefish along the shores.  But rumor has it that fishing has been slow this year. Our favorite part about this beach is that it faces west overlooking the Boston skyline.  So we've seen a few amazing sunsets and views from Wessagusset.  Here are some of many more to come! Waves before a Storm