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Ice Castles- Lincoln, NH

Outdoor travel is limited during the winter, and staying indoors can sometimes be the more preferred option by most.  But we have something for you guys that is absolutely worth putting on your snow pants for and getting outdoors!

Every year New Hampshire hosts the Ice Castle exhibit which is more than just a few ice sculptures on display. The Ice Castle is constructed by hand starting in November and will stay open from January through March (weather permitting).  There are several other castles scattered around the U.S. in areas like Utah, Vermont and Minnesota.  What’s fascinating about each of these locations, is that all of the Ice Castles are made entirely of ice, approximately 30,000,000 pounds worth!

The acre-sized Ice Castle opened up this year in Lincoln, New Hampshire.  Our photos are from last year’s exhibit at Loon Mountain.  Not only are the Ice Castles amazing to look at, they also have tunnels, hidden rooms, slides, and other fun, interactive features.  They are especi…

More-Brewer Park- Hingham, MA

More-Brewer Park is the prime example of New England trails that are essentially off the grid.  You won't find much information about More-Brewer from a simple internet search.  Nor is the location itself an easy find.  The park is nestled in a wooded area off of Hobart Street in Hingham, MA.  As with most of our park discoveries, we found More-Brewer's green reservation while zooming in on surrounding South Shore parks on Google maps.  But aside from its location, we saw little information, such as park reviews or online photos.  This was all the more reason for us to visit More-Brewer and uncover more!

More-Brewer stretches a little over 100 acres.  We entered the park from a back entrance way where the trails started through wooded pathways.  These paths took us around the bend alongside Brewer Pond, which had froze over with the recent drop in temperature.  Although the skies were gray during our visit, we were stunned by the amount of awesome and diverse landscape hidden …

Ice Fishing at Barney's Pond- Lincoln, RI

Colder temperatures doesn't mean you need to hibernate indoors until the Spring.  Aside from just snowboarding and skiing, there are a ton of other activities to take advantage of during the winter. One of our favorite being ice fishing.

Ice fishing is a fun sport, but there are some safety precautions to take before getting on the ice.  A few important tips to remember-

(1)  Do not fish alone
(2)  Wait for long cold spell in weather
(3)  Test the ice
(4)  Dress in layers
(5)  Never be the first person on the ice

If this is your first time ice fishing, Click Here for more tips and videos on ice fishing safety.

Matt grew up in Lincoln, Rhode Island which is less than an hour south of Boston.  His hometown has a small body of water called Barney's Pond, which stretches across 25 acres and runs about a half mile long.  The pond attracts local fishermen year-round with its wide variety of species.

Following a week long cold spell, we made the trip down to Rhode Island for some po…

Wheelwright Park & Barnes Wildlife Sanctuary- Cohasset, MA

Since moving to Massachusetts' south shore, we really could not believe how many state parks and outdoor reservations are right outside the city. For us, getting outdoors is always a priority on the weekends, especially after working 40 hour weeks cooped up in an office.  It's very convenient knowing that in less than an hour outside of Boston, you could be hiking along side a running brook, and escaping the congestion of city life, even if it's just for a few hours.   
After spending the earlier part of our Saturday morning at Weir River Farm a few weeks ago, we happened to pass by a sign for Wheelwright Park over in Cohasset, MA.  We're glad we stopped by to explore.  Wheelwright is definitely a hidden gem for those less familiar with the area- like us!

Wheelwright Park is around 232-acres, which is smaller than some of the other parks we visited in the surrounding south shore areas, yet still plenty to do and see.  The park is heavily forested with Pines, Oaks, and…

Bear Brook State Park- Allenstown, NH

On our recent trip up north we explored New Hampshire's largest developed park which spans across 10,000 acres- Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, NH. There is over forty miles of trails on diverse terrain  making it ideal for hiking, biking, fishing and much more.  Bear Brook is also a popular location for campers with more than 100 campsites spread throughout the park.

When we first arrived, we got caught in a brief snow squall.  However, with the beach frozen over and snow falling it made for the perfect winter scene.  Bear Brook is certainly less crowded during the colder months, without the beach goers, campers and canoers.  Yet it is no less scenic or enjoyable.

We would suggest grabbing a trail map or at least glancing over the the large map on display at the park entrance.  The trail systems are a bit extensive, with many routes to chose from.  Majority of the park has easy to moderate paths, with little elevation .  One of the more unique characteristics of Bear Brook…

New Years Eve at Lake Winnipesaukee- Wolfeboro, NH

This past New Years Eve we chose to avoid the big bar crowds.  Instead, we opted for a mini-getaway in New Hampshire to ring in the new year and also spend some time outdoors. We booked a hotel in Tilton, NH which is around a two hour drive outside of Boston and located nearby both Wolfeboro, NH and Gunstock Ski Resort.  For the evening of NYE, we purchased tickets in advance ($15 each) for First Night Wolfeboro, which included admission to the events and entertainment taking place in town.

Wolfeboro is situated alongside Lake Winnipesaukee.  As to be expected, there are several restaurants and shops located on the lakefront of the Wolfeboro Harbor.  The panoramic views of the lake with the New Hampshire mountain ranges in the distance are breathtaking, especially during sunset. On a clear day, Mount Major you can easily be seen across the way. After enjoying the sunset while walking along the harbor, we stopped in at Garwoods Restaurant, one of Wolfeboro's lakefront properties. …

Holiday Bucket List- Holiday Decor in NYC

Rockefeller Center in New York City

There's still plenty of time left in the season to embrace the holiday spirit and of course we're here to help give you some fun ideas!  If you missed the earlier features on our Holiday Bucket List, click below to check them out-> Cut Down Your Own Christmas TreeEnjoy a Winter Trail Hike
As we make our way to number 3 on the Bucket List it's important to remember that one of the most quintessential expressions of the holiday season are the decorations.  And Rockefeller Center in New York City takes holiday decor to new heights.  
This past weekend, we did not let the rain impede on our plans to visit the Big Apple. With thousands of people doing the same, we knew finding a parking spot would be nearly impossible around this time of year.  So we parked in Queens and rode the F Train into Rockefeller Center Saturday evening. 
One of the first must-see holiday displays in NYC are The Giant Red Ornaments in Fountain Plaza at 1251 Avenue o…