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Oak Bluffs- Martha's Vineyard, MA

This past weekend we made our first trip to Martha's Vineyard to enjoy our summer afternoon. The traffic from Boston to Cape Cod was brutal but once we finally got to the ferry it was all worth it, as there was hardly a cloud in the sky and just a nice breeze. We took the Steamship Authority ferry from Wood’s Hole in Falmouth to Oaks Bluffs which costs $16 for a round trip. The two main Steamship Authority ferry's travel to either Oaks Bluffs or Vineyard Haven, rotating destination with every departure. Parking near the ferry is a bit pricey with private lots around $50 per day. However there are signs directing traffic to lots that are less than 10 minutes away with a shuttle bus that brings you directly to the ferry. With that in mind, we recommend you get there a good time before your ferry's departure to accommodate any delays with the shuttles or parking. If you are planning on bringing your car on the ferry, reservations need to be made well in advance.

A Tribute to Southie- South Boston, MA

More so than other posts, this one hits closest to home. We both moved in together about a year ago to Harbor Point which is right on the South Boston borderline, and have been Southie residents for a number of years. We were fortunate enough to have an apartment overlooking South Boston. Never once did we take for granted the breathtaking views we were able to experience while living here, especially the sunrises & sunsets overlooking the city skyline. It shines a whole new light on how beautiful the city of South Boston truly is. Southie in general is known for several of its famous hangouts like ‘Sunday Funday’ at Stats , M street Beach, Castle Island...the list goes on and on. Needless to say, we’ve loved every minute of living here over the past few years. Therefore we would like to pay a special tribute to the experiences we’ve captured over the past years in Southie, that have no price tag other than great memories. This one's for you Southie!

Welch & Dickey Loop Trail- White Mountains, NH

One of our all-time favorite hikes was Welch & Dickey in White Mountains, New Hampshire. Unlike your typical hikes, this trail takes you to the summit of two mountains; both with fantastic views.  We did this hike in the early Fall. Since there is a ton of foliage along the trail, it was awesome seeing all leaves starting to change colors.  View of Dickey Mt from the Summit of Welch Mt The Welch-Dickey loop is around 4.5 miles long and is a moderately difficult hike.  It takes around 3 hours to complete.  The first part of the hike is climbing up Welch Mountain.  There were several steeper areas on this mountain and the trail itself was a bit rocky.  We recommend having a good pair of hiking shoes. Matt & Kristy atop Dickey Mt When you reach the summit the views are amazing.  As you look across, you see the next mountain you are about to hike- Dickey.  We found the mountain views from the Welch summit to be better than Dickey.  Be sure to take some good pictures!

Mt Major- Alton, NH

As we move past some of our earlier hiking posts on the easier trails, here's a look at one of our more moderate, rockier climbs. Mount Major in Alton, New Hampshire is not a hike for beginners, but at the same point its not an expert trail. Its doable for any adventurer who isn't fearful of heights and owns a good pair of hiking shoes. Mount Major and Lake Winnipesaukee We climbed Mt Major one weekend in the Spring. The hike spans about 4 miles and takes about 2.5 hours to complete. There are three different trails you can take: Yellow- Brook Trail, Blue- Mount Major Trail, and Orange- Boulder trail. On our ascent up we took the Boulder trail. T he trail is easy at first. However as you get closer to the summit the hike gets relatively steep and rocky. There are boulders that require a bit more effort to climb but once you reach the top, the sights are breathtaking. The summit overlooks Lake Winnipesaukee . Like most other hikers, we enjoyed a packed lunc

Cupsogue Beach- Westhampton, NY

Moriches Inlet, in back of Cupsogue Beach Kristy’s family lives in the central part of Long Island, Suffolk County, and throughout the year we find ourselves making the trip down from Boston to visit every now and again. During the summer, the island features over 100 miles of great beaches pretty much spanning the whole southern coast. One of our favorite beaches is Cupsogue Beach in Westhampton. Parking is $15 per car which is pretty reasonable for the Hamptons area of Long Island, and the couple of times we've been, the beach has never been too crowded, even with great weather. The landscape epitomizes what you come to expect from a good Long Island beach: endless soft white sand, big waves, and great views out into the open Atlantic Ocean. Another aspect we really enjoy about Cupsogue is that you can make a mile walk right down the beach to the Moriches Inlet. On the loop walk back you walk along the harbor behind the beach. This inlet features great views of the