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Cruising Alaska

We tossed aside the beachside, tropical honeymoon destinations for a more adventurous option, Alaska ! This bucket list vacation was the best choice we could have made; every minute of our trip was amazing with tons of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  We took a cruise on the Crown Princess which we found to be the best option for seeing the most of the huge state of Alaska, while also immersing ourselves in the luxury of gourmet meals, entertainment, and the beautiful ship accommodations for our week-long exploration. Peak travel season in Alaska is mid-June to Mid-August.  On our trip (August 15th to August 22nd), we experienced the typical weather of a summer in Alaska. Temperatures ranged from mid 50 °F 's to upper 60 °F 's, with light drizzles and mist scattered throughout the days.  The average chance of rain in August is 50%, so the precipitation was no surprise to us and contrary to expectations, the rain had very little impediment on our trave