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Opening Night of Romeo & Juliet at the Boston Opera House

Boston Ballet Press Photos Last Thursday we attended opening night of Boston Ballet's Romeo & Juliet at the Boston Opera House . It was a beautiful reenactment of the Shakespearean classic, demonstrating the power of love and it many forms. Boston Ballet Press Photos The ballet was three acts with engaging performances, vibrant costumes and backdrops, captivating music and of course, talented dancers.  The feuding Montagues and Capulets was easily one of our favorite scenes. The renowned John Cranko choreographed each scene with acute attention to detail; each dance capturing the audience's full attention. Alongside Cranko was the very gifted Gavriel Heine who conducted the music of Sergei Prokofiev that adorned each performance and helped tell this emotional, romantic tragedy. Boston Ballet Press Photos Boston Ballet Press Photos The Romeo & Juliet performance was 2 hours and 45 minutes with two intermission.  There are a total of 15 performanc

FOUR Ski Areas in THREE Days with Ski Vermont

This past weekend we made our way up to central/northern Vermont for one of our most epic trips of the year. We skied 4 ski areas in 3 days, met some amazing people, and drank some of the finest beers Vermont has to offer. And if that wasn't enough, winter storm Quinn was dumping snow the whole trip, making for some of the best skiing conditions of the year. We partnered with Ski Vermont 's Chloe Elliot, who planned the stops and and was an amazing guide, imparting us with all sorts of Vermont knowledge and culture throughout. Sugarbush Resort Our trip kicked off on Thursday night for a drink at Tracks Tavern in The Pitcher Inn , just a few miles from Sugarbush Resort . We met Win Smith, president/owner of Sugarbush and Candice White & John Bleh from the communications team. The team was really excited to share that that Sugarbush will be a part of the Ikon Pass  for the 2018/2019 season. From chatting with Win it was great to hear how hands-on he is as an owner, sk

Exploring The Berkshires- Red Lion Inn

After a couple of ski trips we decided it would be great to do something a bit more relaxing. And what better way to enjoy the Spring-like weather than a trip to the Berkshires. Last week we made the trip to visit a number of exciting sites and attractions in the most beautiful region of Massachusetts. The Berkshires are the southern continuation of Vermont's Green Mountains, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and quaint towns. We stayed at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge which is around 2.5 hours outside of Boston. Shelburne Falls Glacial Potholes On the way to Stockbridge we made several stops to explore the Berkshires region. Our first destination was Upinngil Farm in Gil, MA. Upinngil was a great stopping point to see the rolling pastures and farmlands of the Berkshires. We enjoyed spending time with the farm animals and trying their locally grown and homemade goods. We bought pasta and fresh cookies made from the grains grown on the farm. Our next stop o