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Five Day Iceland Road Trip

Iceland is a country with amazing landscapes, delicious & unique cuisine, and a welcoming culture that should make it top of list for any adventure traveler. With a number of direct flight options available from many US destinations, travel is quick and affordable. We recently embarked on a five day road trip across Iceland’s southern coast. While the rest of the country has a lot to offer, our research showed this was the best way to see the most of Iceland in a short amount of time. This post will give you all the information you need to know to experience a great five day road trip.

Note that if you are travelling to Iceland in the Winter like us, there is limited daylight. For our trip there was between 5-6 hours of daylight. However, Iceland’s twilight was considerably longer than Boston. Even though the sunrise wasn’t until 11:00am, it started getting light out by 9:30am. While traveling in the Summer has advantages to see more during daylight, traveling in the Winter also …