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Puerto Rico at the El Conquistador Resort

We’ve always enjoyed taking a tropical vacation during early Spring in New England. March or April is the perfect time for us – late enough to not interfere with prime ski season, and early enough where the weather isn't nice in Boston yet. This year we decided to make a trip to Puerto Rico staying at the El Conquistador Resort . The resort was located in the northeast corner of the island and just under an hour from the airport in San Juan. Renting a car from the airport is cheap and convenient – you just walk across the street, pick it up and you’re on your way. Since Puerto Rico is a US territory, your cell phone will most likely have normal service, making it convenient to navigate around with a rental car. Upon arriving at the El Conquistador Resort we were struck by the amazing expanse and beauty of the property. It’s situated high up on a hill overlooking the ocean and coastline. The views from the rooms and balconies were stunning.