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West Coast Road Trip: San Diego- The Grande Colonial

If we were to pick up our bags and move tomorrow, San Diego would be the place.  Year-round sunny skies, seaside landscapes, great food, with plenty to do and see- what more could anyone ask for! Every stop along the way of our pacific coast highway road trip was full of memorable experiences and adventures but SoCal definitely stole our hearts. As we traveled down from Newport beach en route to San Diego, we made a stop at the famous  Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve . Torrey Pines is more commonly known for being a golfer's paradise. The 18-hole golf courses host PGA tour professionals, but aside from a golf haven, it is also a beautiful natural reserve spanning the pacific coastline. There are tons of hiking trails to explore, from easy to moderate levels. Broken Hill, Razor Point and Beach trails are the steeper hikes with panoramic overlooks. Most of the trails lead down to the beach and ocean bluffs. After hiking we headed down to our hotel, The Gr