Duxbury Beach- Duxbury, MA


Throwing-back to summer with a post dedicated to one of the best beaches in Massachusetts- Duxbury Beach!  This beach itself is six miles long of beautiful views that extends across marshlands with designated preservation areas for birds and small wildlife.  It is open to the general public with a daily parking fee of $15.


For the most part the beach is very sandy with great ocean views that go on and on.  Closer to the shoreline you’ll find some rocks but nothing too significant.  One thing to definitely point out are the pesky greenhead horseflies.  You may pass by several comical signs when you enter the park, warning you about the greenheads.  They tend to be quite active on the beach.  Luckily, we happened to go on a windier day.  Apparently they hideout in windy weather so we had no issues at all with the horseflies.

On the other hand, the wind presented its own annoyances such as having sand blow in your eyes.  However if you have a creative mind like Matt, you can just find some random driftwood, and other things lying around the beach and make yourself a mini canopy.  I cannot say we saw anyone else on the beach doing this... but people we definitely impressed & it did take care of the sand blowing issue.



A lot of people also tend to fish on the shore so definitely bring along your rods.  We had no luck that day, but hopefully you'll catch something.  Otherwise just download a good book on you kindle/ iPad and soak in the rays.  Whatever beach plans may be, you are bound to have a great time at Duxbury. Cannot wait to head back there next summer!

Kristy Albano & Matt Pickering                                                      


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