Welch & Dickey Loop Trail- White Mountains, NH

One of our all-time favorite hikes was Welch & Dickey in White Mountains, New Hampshire. Unlike your typical hikes, this trail takes you to the summit of two mountains; both with fantastic views.  We did this hike in the early Fall. Since there is a ton of foliage along the trail, it was awesome seeing all leaves starting to change colors.

Welch & Dickey Loop Trail - White Mountains, NH
View of Dickey Mt from the Summit of Welch Mt

The Welch-Dickey loop is around 4.5 miles long and is a moderately difficult hike.  It takes around 3 hours to complete.  The first part of the hike is climbing up Welch Mountain.  There were several steeper areas on this mountain and the trail itself was a bit rocky.  We recommend having a good pair of hiking shoes.
Welch & Dickey Loop Trail - White Mountains, NH
Matt & Kristy atop Dickey Mt
When you reach the summit the views are amazing.  As you look across, you see the next mountain you are about to hike- Dickey.  We found the mountain views from the Welch summit to be better than Dickey.  Be sure to take some good pictures!

Welch & Dickey Loop Trail - White Mountains, NH
View of the foliage on Dickey Mt. in the Fall
As you head down Welch, you descend for about a half hour until you begin hiking Dickey Mountain. Dickey is not as steep and rocky, making this part of the hike a little bit easier.  What we loved most about Dickey Mountain was the views of the valley and foliage along the trail.  You definitely see more of the trees and forestry landscape on Mt Dickey.

Overall, these are two beautiful and fun mountain trails that we would recommend hiking!

Welch & Dickey Loop Trail - White Mountains, NH
Kristy on the Dickey Mountain Summit

Kristy Albano & Matt Pickering                                                      

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