Mt Major- Alton, NH

As we move past some of our earlier hiking posts on the easier trails, here's a look at one of our more moderate, rockier climbs. Mount Major in Alton, New Hampshire is not a hike for beginners, but at the same point its not an expert trail. Its doable for any adventurer who isn't fearful of heights and owns a good pair of hiking shoes.

Mount Major, Alton New Hampshire Travel the East
Mount Major and Lake Winnipesaukee
We climbed Mt Major one weekend in the Spring. The hike spans about 4 miles and takes about 2.5 hours to complete. There are three different trails you can take: Yellow- Brook Trail, Blue- Mount Major Trail, and Orange- Boulder trail. On our ascent up we took the Boulder trail.

Mount Major, Alton New Hampshire Travel the East

The trail is easy at first. However as you get closer to the summit the hike gets relatively steep and rocky. There are boulders that require a bit more effort to climb but once you reach the top, the sights are breathtaking. The summit overlooks Lake Winnipesaukee. Like most other hikers, we enjoyed a packed lunch on the summit while taking advantage of great photo opportunities.

Mount Major, Alton New Hampshire Travel the East
 Mt Major Summit
We chose to hike the Brook trail on our descent down Mt. Major. We recommend taking this route. Having the brook following along the trail offered a lot of cool sightseeing along the way. We had an opportunity to see native trout swimming in the pools of the brook. Overall we loved hiking Mt Major and recommend you visit if you haven't already done so!

Mount Major, Alton New Hampshire Travel the East
Matt on the boulders of the Mt Major Brook Trail

Kristy Albano & Matt Pickering                                                      

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