What the Heck is a Basin? Franconia Notch State Park, NH

What the heck is a basin?  Our question exactly when we saw the signs off I-93 on our trip up to the White Mountains.  With no set agenda for the day, we made a quick pit stop to check it out!  

The Basin-Franconia-Notch-State-Park-NH

The Basin is located in Franconia Notch State Park which is in northern New Hampshire.  It stands as one of New Hampshire's natural wonders.  Fifteen thousand years of rushing water from the melting of the North American ice sheet has eroded the rock into a cave-like formation.  The Basin itself is a 20 foot-round granite pothole with waterfalls flowing into the Pemigewasset River. 

The Basin-Franconia-Notch-State-Park-NH

The Basin-Franconia-Notch-State-Park-NH
The trails are only about 1.5 miles long.  Most areas are paved, making it fit for all skill levels.  It is a quick trip with plenty of beautiful sites to see. Whether you are visiting Franconia Notch State Park or just driving through the area, The Basin is a breathtaking place worth visiting!    

The Basin-Franconia-Notch-State-Park-NH

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