More-Brewer Park- Hingham, MA

More-Brewer Park is the prime example of New England trails that are essentially off the grid.  You won't find much information about More-Brewer from a simple internet search.  Nor is the location itself an easy find.  The park is nestled in a wooded area off of Hobart Street in Hingham, MA.  As with most of our park discoveries, we found More-Brewer's green reservation while zooming in on surrounding South Shore parks on Google maps.  But aside from its location, we saw little information, such as park reviews or online photos.  This was all the more reason for us to visit More-Brewer and uncover more!

More-Brewer stretches a little over 100 acres.  We entered the park from a back entrance way where the trails started through wooded pathways.  These paths took us around the bend alongside Brewer Pond, which had froze over with the recent drop in temperature.  Although the skies were gray during our visit, we were stunned by the amount of awesome and diverse landscape hidden in this park.


Past Brewer Pond was a small footbridge leading to a field of tall grass.  I would imagine the views here would be even better in the warmer seasons with much more green showing through.  Further along, the trees completely clear out leaving an open field of rolling hills.  This was our favorite area of the park.  There were quite a few birdhouses in the few scattered trees throughout the hills.  The views were just awesome!

More-Brewer Park authorizes bow hunting on the reservation with a permit.  This park is otherwise a great location for trail hiking, biking, fishing, and even flying a kite above the open fields.  There were a few people around the park walking their dogs (with leashes).  Yet, it was not nearly as crowded as some of the other reservations on the South Shore.  More-Brewer is the perfect choice if you're looking for a more peaceful escape outdoors!    


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