Back Woods Skiing- North Weymouth, MA

In the last few weeks, winter has come alive in the Boston area. Snowstorm after snowstorm has pounded southern New England, breaking numerous snow records. The most recent storm, Marcus, hit our town of North Weymouth especially hard, dumping close to 30 inches. Just shoveling the driveway enough to get the car out took hours on its own as the snowbanks on the side of our driveway were around 10 feet high. When we finally got the driveway cleared off we decided to take a ride around the neighborhood, curious to see how others were dealing with the snow.


We drove up to Great Hill Park, which boasts fantastic views of the Boston skyline. But it wasn’t the skyline that caught our attention that day. It was the snow, and the hill itself. When you mix those two element together and have been skiing your whole life, it’s tough not to envision floating through 30 inches of powder. So I decided I needed to make this thought a reality.


I packed my skis and boots into the car and started hiking up some woods on the side of Great Hill Park. There was so much snow, most of the hike I was up to my waist in powder. It took me about 30 minutes to get to the top, having to stop a few times to rest. When I finally stepped into my bindings and made my decent, the ride was a blast. There was so much snow, I was slowly floating down an otherwise steep hill.


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