A Halloween Weekend in Salem, MA


Looking for plans this Halloween weekend?  What better place to celebrate than America's Biggest Halloween party in Salem, Massachusetts!  Salem is infamous for its witch trials in 1692- a series of hearings, accusing and prosecuting those suspected of witchcraft.  Yet even with the passing of centuries, the spirit of witchcraft and spells has embedded itself deep within the very essence of this historic city.  Witch and magical shops, haunted houses, historic landmarks, psychic and tarot readings, are just a sample of what you can expect during your visit to Salem.

Salem Storefronts
October marks the month-long Haunted Happenings festivities in Salem.  More than a quarter of a million people come from around the world to experience Salem's Halloween celebration. We made the trip to Salem this past Saturday, which was less than an hour drive from Boston.  With so many visitors in town, street parking was not an option. Instead we paid $15 for the day to park in one of the many lots scattered in and around the city.


We arrived around noon, so our first stop was lunch and drinks at Rockfellas restaurant.  The menu was your typical American cuisine.  But we really just came for their seasonal cocktails, such as the candy corntini and apple cider mimosa-unbelievably good! 

To learn more about Salem's eerie historic footprint in America, we signed up for a tour at the Salem Witch Museum.  Admission was $9, with presentations occurring every half hour.  It is recommended to get there 30 minutes or so in advance, given the crowds during this time of year.  The tour is very informative, with friendly tour guides that take you back in time through the reenactment of the Salem Witch Hunt.  

Life-size stage sets at the Salem Witch Museum



We wouldn't have fulfilled our Salem experience without visiting America's oldest witch shop, Crow Haven Corner. This is definitely a popular Salem landmark, so expect to find a line outside the shop.  Two friends in our group signed up for a 30-minute psychic reading.  You can call in advance to schedule an appointment. The shop itself is adorned with beautiful glass witch balls and spells hanging from the ceilings.  In the corner of the shop, a witch makes spells and potions for customers to purchase on the spot.  We highly recommend you stop here on your tour of Salem!

Crow Haven Corner in Salem, MA
Witch Balls & Spells hanging from the ceilings in the shop
Our last stop was the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, a remembrance of those accused and the 14 women and 6 men who were convicted and executed.  From the moment you walk along the trail of stone benches inscribed with the names of those accused and end up at the tombstones of the Old Burying Point, you are filled with a creepy and unnerving feeling of this horrific time in history.



Walking among people dressed up in costumes, with the streets and storefronts decked in Halloween d├ęcor
is all part of the Salem experience. There is so much to see and do, it is no wonder tons of people make the trip to Salem an annual occurrence.  We definitely look forward to visiting again next year!

Kristy and friends, Jordan, Kelley & Liz

Kristy Albano & Matt Pickering                                                      


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