Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

My parent's house is located a few minutes away from Long Island's largest body of fresh water, Lake Ronkonkoma. Growing up nearby, I never took full advantage of the area. Yet while exploring on a more recent visit to Long Island, I was actually quite stunned how peaceful and beautiful the lake was.

The perimeter of the lake is around 2 miles long with several shoreline trails.  Occasionally there will be people fishing or kayaking in the water.  Years ago the lake was a vacation spot for city dwellers, however now is lesser known and not visited as frequently.  This of course has its upside with it never being too crowded.

Peaceful enough for Yoga!
Lake Ronkonkoma is also known for its myths and legends.  The most famous being the Lady of the Lake.  There are multiple variations but a popular interpretation of this myth is about a Native American girl who fell in love with a European settler.  Since this love was forbidden she was forced into an arranged marriage instead. However one evening she tried to swim across Lake Ronkonkoma to meet her lover however ended up drowning from being too tired to make it all the way across.  So every year she returns to claim one man to be with her at the bottom of the lake. Of course this is a complete myth so don't let this legend deter you. But I do have to say, that adding an element of mystery always makes a trip more exciting!

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