Breakheart Reservation- Saugus, MA

One of our very first hikes together was at Breakheart Reservation in Saugus, a short ride out of Boston.  It was a perfectly easy and beautiful trail, making it the ideal starting point for a novice hiker.  But don't get me wrong though, even more advanced hikers will love it here.

Breakheart Reservation Lake, Saugus MA Travel The East

We expected to spend a half day at Breakheart, arriving there between 9:30- 10:00 am.  When we went at the time, there was no fee for parking which is always a plus.  The loop trail was nicely paved out for hikers and altogether the hike was around 4 miles long.  

In all honesty, when we got here we did not know what to expect.  Needless to say, we did not research Breakheart much beforehand.  We were a bit over-prepared...  Let me go into to more detail. With intention of this being a long hike, had packaged some frozen hot dogs in our backpack for lunch, along with matches to make a fire and cook them.  Once we arrived at one of the first smaller summits,we put some branches together started up a mini fire and started roasting 2 frozen hot dogs on some branches. Yes, they did taste fantastic, but no, this is not what normal hikers do at Breakheart reservation.  We did get some very strange looks from fellow hikers, but so our hike continued.      

Breakheart Reservation Summit, Saugus MA Travel The East

Along the trail are two beautiful lakes with a beach. If the weather is nice, be sure to bring your swimsuits.  We did the hike in the Spring so we didn't go in the water but still soaked in the views.  There are several great locations on the trails offering breathtaking views of the reservation and lake.  Our favorite was Breakheart hills overlooking the Boston skyline.  It was a picture perfect moment.

Breakheart Reservation Lake, Saugus MA Travel The East

Next time we make it back to Breakheart, we would most likely choose the summer time where we can take advantage of the lakes and beach.  This is truly a well-kept, beautiful reservation if you ever need a quick escape from the city.  

Kristy Albano & Matt Pickering                                                      

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