Kayak the Charles- Boston, MA

Living within the animated streets of Boston, very rarely do we find ourselves bored. However we do search hard to find those few outdoorsy activities that often go unnoticed by the city dwellers. 

Great view of the Boston Skyline
A few Saturday’s ago, in the heat of the summer sun we were looking for something fun to do in city.  We came across Paddle Boston. Paddle Boston offers kayak, canoes and paddle board rentals on the Charles River.  It's a great day on the water with scenic views, and the best part is you're right in the heart of the city! There was a great range of open water to kayak while taking in views of the Boston skyline. If you're seeking a more leisurely trip, we'd also recommend taking the kayak through the canal by Storrow Dr., which allows you to kayak right through the middle of the park.

 The Charles tends to be very calm, making this a low endurance and relaxing activity suitable for anyone.  We highly recommend renting a few double kayaks with a group of friends as a must-do, whether your a resident or just visiting, before this summer ends

Kristy Albano & Matt Pickering                                                      

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