Quechee Gorge- Quechee, VT

On America’s birthday weekend, we made the trip up from Boston to celebrate in the great state of Vermont.  It was around a two and half hour drive till we reached White River Junction.  We stayed at Hotel Coolidge.  This not your typical cookie-cutter hotel chain.  However, if you like historic charm and uniqueness, we suggest you book a room here.  The price is very affordable, the location is great, rooms were very well-kept and the staff was excellent.  The coolest part about this hotel was that President Calvin Coolidge and his father were frequent guests here.  You can check out more interesting details about the hotel history directly on their site.

Quechee Gorge, Quechee VT Travel the East
Quechee Gorge- Vermont
We spent most of our time in Quechee. There was a great little village with a number of shops. They had free cheese samplings at the Cabot store. This is every cheese-lover's dream come true. The amount of different cheeses they offered was actually mind-blowing. If you are into antique shopping they also have a several good spots. Stop by The Vermont Antique Mall. Upstairs they have children's toys museum which is definitely a must-see.

Quechee Gorge Lake, Quechee VT Travel the East

The highlight of our trip was hiking the Quechee Gorge. There are a few different trails, but we chose the one that begins right at the visitor's center. The hike is about 4.5 miles long and easy for almost all ages. There are sections for campsites and picnics, although we didn't not venture to those areas. Along the trail you get scenic views of the gorge itself, waterfalls by the damn and Dewey Mills Pond. It truly is beautiful. There aren't many hikes in which you experience such a range of different landscapes and natures in one trip. We met a few frequent visitors of Quechee that shared their experiences with floating down the river in tubes and a few secret swimming holes near the gorge. However we aired on the side of caution since we weren't familiar with the terrain on our first visit and most sections we hiked had fairly strong currents. If you do decide to visit here, which of course we recommend you do, we advise you to use your best judgement if you do chose to try go tubing. Overall, Quechee Gorge is a one of kind state park you should definitely visit!

Quechee Gorge Waterfall, Quechee VT Travel the East
Quechee Gorge Waterfall

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